Critical Infrastructure and SCADA Security


Network Tracking and Anomaly Detection

While today’s cyber security software aims to protect Information Technologies (IT), we as ICS Defense look for SCADA and DCS (OT) network’s needs, and develop necessary cyber security solutions accordingly.

Critical Infrastructure and SCADA Security

Currently, cyber attacks are directed not only to the information technology (IT) infrastructures of companies and institutions, but also to the Industrial Control System (ICS) and SCADA infrastructures. The consequences of attacks on critical infrastructures are felt in the physical world as well as in the cyber world. Although cyber attackers have updated their attack vectors, the ICS and SCADA systems have not yet taken concrete action in this area.

With ICS Sight, we offer a complete security platform that understands and protects the communication of your industrial devices in your industrial infrastructure such as PLC, HMI, IED, RTU.


Honeypot is a system that is used to gather information about attackers and unrestricted users. Even though usage of the honeypot is common in information technologies, attackers can easily detect these dummies.

As ICS Defense, we model critical infrastructures with real-world devices (PLC, HMI etc.) and software (SCADA) while we catch viruses and malware in the hands of attackers. With the obtained information we have, we both feed the rule engine of the ICS Sight product and support the infrastructure owners by informing them about possible current threats.